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Level Qualifications FAQ

Level Qualifications FAQ

Awarding Bodies FAQ

London Academy of Sciences work closely with full accredited RQF awarding bodies like ATHE, CTH, OTHM, LRN. All their programs are accredited and recognized by Ofqual.

The Awarding bodies provides accredited qualifications in management, business, tourism, teaching and health & social care… they have made a name for themselves with good customer service, rewarding qualifications and happy learners with progression routes to university degrees.

The Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation (Ofqual) regulates qualifications, examinations and assessments in England.
Ofqual maintain standards and confidence in qualifications in England:

  • GCSEs
  • A levels
  • AS levels
  • vocational and technical qualifications

Ofqual was set up in April 2010 under the Apprenticeships, Skills, Children and Learning Act 2009 and is also covered by the Education Act 2011. Ofqual is independent of government and report directly to Parliament.

Application FAQ

For students who do not live or come from an English language speaking country then we recommend taking an IELTS course to improve your language to level 5.5 or higher. This can be done alongside our courses. Your minimum level of English may vary depending upon which university you decide to complete your top up qualification from.

You will need to have an IELTS score of level 5.5 or above on completion of the OBS course. You can study an English course alongside the LAS course. At level 4/5 you will require a full secondary education to be eligible to enrol onto the course and universities will require a minimum age before embarking on the university top-up programme. At Level 7 you will require 5 years managerial experience if you do not have a BA degree. This may vary for various University partners however. We will look at every application individually and some exceptions may be looked at.

There is no interview process. You will have to fill out a short application form to make sure you meet the criteria.

Learners should first visit the “3 Steps for decide” to have the ideas and view the range of courses on offer. To decide on what subjects best suit the learner, he/she should:

  • Review the modules within the course, do they interest you? are they relevant to your chosen career path?
  • How the course is taught and assessed, do you have the motivation to study via distance learning? are you able to work independently?

It is important that learners do not try to extend themselves too far and too quickly so should ideally choose a path that comfortably moves on from their existing level of skills and experience.

You can simply choose your course and enrol online, via the LAS website. Alternatively you could submit your request to us via “Contat us” and our team will guide you through the Enrolment process.

English entry requirements FAQ

For learners wishing to study our qualification and who are non-native English speakers, they must have a minimum level of English language competency.

UK universities and Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) commonly require a minimum standard of English language as part of their entry requirements onto undergraduate and postgraduate degree programmes.

These English language entry requirements apply to all non-native English speakers in the UK and internationally being registered onto our qualifications where that programme is taught and assessed in English.

No. The London Academy of Sciences have the internal process to assess whether the learner completed the final two years of school in English and has the required English language competency.

Yes. It is for the Centre to satisfy itself that the learner’s score is equivalent to IELTS 5.5 / PTE 51 / B2. Such courses are likely to include information on equivalencies.

Yes, a learner can adopt its own English language test. It is for the learner to satisfy itself that the learner’s score matches this requirement. It is important to note however that many LAS may not accept alternative tests if this test is not trust and not have evidence that learner is adapted and could join to the program with ther English. It is the responsibility of the learner to confirm with LAS before joining.

No, unless the subject was in English language, a non-native English speaker or those who have not studied the final two years of school in English will be required to demonstrate capability in English at a standard equivalent to IELTS 5.5 / PTE 51 / B2.

Whether the requirement is exempted will depend on the results the learner achieved. The result of the English language test is expected to be equivalent to IELTS 5.5 / PTE 51 / B2.

Exemption will only apply to non-native English speakers who have studied the final two years of school in English.

Assignments FAQ

All assignment submissions are free of charge.

Yes, all students are encouraged to arrange an initial 30 minute ‘assignment preparation’ session with one of our tutors. The session will be conducted via Skype and will cover all aspects of assignment writing particularly areas that students need to be wary of.

In addition to this, students have access to tutors who work with London Academy of Sciences. Further information is available in the Student Handbook and the relevant course information packs.

Submissions need to be uploaded to via the dashboard, in the ‘assignment’ area. Students must also provide a plagiarism report for all submitted assignments

We recommend students write between 5000 – 8000 words for each assignment, although students will not be penalised for going over this word count limit as long as the work is related to the assignment question.

After an assignment has been submitted our markers will return the results within 10 working days. Once all assignments have been completed and marked an Internal Verifier will check the work, which usually takes up to 10 working days. After the Internal Verification has come back, and agrees with the initial marking, all of the assignments are sent to ATHE/CTH/OTHM/LRN for External Verification. ATHE/CTH/OTHM/LRN will check all of the work to be sure it is of the correct standard, this process can take up to 30 working days. In total once you have completed all assignments and had them marked it can take up to 40 working days to receive your final result.