Financial Aid

Find scholarships, grants, and other aid to fund a world-class education.


of students can apply


Reduce up to 90% their costs


Other financial support



The Financial Aid Process

01. Apply for Aid

Candidates apply for the scholarship and send it to LAS

02. Review

LAS reviews applications and conducts an assessment of the scholarship rate

03. Scholarship offer

LAS announce the percentage of scholarships that can be applied

Scholarship consideration factors

Academic Merit

If you have had excellent academic records in the past, congratulations. Academic achievement will significantly contribute to the scholarship ratio.

Work experience

You will have many advantages if you are a senior manager or have many years of working experience. As a practical training program, this factor is extrealy important.

English proficiency

Proficiency in English is one of the final factors affecting the LAS scholarship rate. If you have qualifications in English, please attach them completely in the application


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