International GCSE

The International GCSE is an international high school diploma for students aged 14 and over who want to prepare to study abroad at top and globally accepted universities, especially in the UK and Europe.


The IGCSE (International General Certificate for Secondary Education) is an international high school diploma for students aged 14 to 16, recognized by most preU programs of universities. In some special cases, depending on academic achievement or individual standards of each university, after graduating from IGCSE can enter the first year of university.

IGCSE is a program specifically for students who want to study at an international university and replace the national high school program. The program is taught 100% in English with 3 compulsory subjects and 4 practical subjects (list below).

After graduating, students receive 2 international diplomas from the UK and Switzerland. You can directly enter pre-university programs of SIMI Swiss Institute or universities around the world.

Candidate Category

  1. are ready to progress to suitable higher level of advanced level study but require an underpinning qualification;

  2. require a stronger foundation across general subjects (at certificate or diploma);

  3. wishes to obtain a formal qualification in order to enable access to higher education.

Entry Requirements

Candidates should have:page4image1727992624

  1. General subject knowledge (e.g. – English, Maths, Science, Business);
  2. Level 1/First Diploma (in a relevant subject with merit);

Candidates must also have a speaking, listening, reading and writing ability that is commensurate to CEFR Level B1 (or equivalent). This is to ensure they meet the communication requirements for this qualification.

Accreditation & Recognition

The IGCSE program is a dual degree program, receiving two independent international high school degrees from the UK and Switzerland. The program is a collaboration between the UK national diploma examination system LRN and the Swiss SIMI University Institute. Both institutions pass both institutional and programmatic accreditations.

  • SIMI Swiss Graduate and Postgraduate Institute is accredited by ASIC (Accreditation Service for International Schools, University and Colleges) at the highest level of Premier Institute and the program is accredited by OTHM, ATHE, Qualifi, LRN, British national examination and diploma organization according to Level accredited by Ofqual.
  • LRN is the UK’s national level-based examination and certification system, accredited and recognized by Ofqual UK.

Dual Degree

After graduated, learners will get dual degrees:

  • LRN Level 1/Level 2 Certificate in International General Education của Vương Quốc Anh (kiểm định Ofqual UK.Gov No. 603/7691/0)
  • PUS International General Certificate of Secondary Education (Kiểm định bởi ASIC)

LRN Level 1/Level 2 Certificate in International General Education is available in England as the Ofqual regulated qualification. A similar qualification is available outside the United Kingdom as LRN International GCSEs, which are globally recognised qualifications designed specifically for international candidates.


This qualification has been designed to reflect the wide variation in candidates’ origins, levels of education and career aims. Progression opportunities may, therefore, take a variety of paths. Depending on the level of qualification achieved, it may be appropriate for the candidate to progress to:

  1. Progression to higher qualifications (e.g. – Certificate to Diploma);

  2. A Level 3 qualification in their chosen subject area;

  3. Advanced Level qualification such as A-Level or T-Level

  4. A higher level of any qualification – e.g., Diploma

  5. National or Vocationally Related Qualifications


In order to achieve the qualification, the candidate must achieve minimum grade 4 in one of the below units. Candidates are allowed to take more than one unit/subject.

Courses Option



English Language












Computer Science








Total Qualification Time (TQT)


Guided learning hours (GLH)

130 per subject/unit


Self-study (SS)

32 hours


Formative Assessment

8 hours


Total Qualification Time

200 hours (GLH + SS + TAT)


Total Assessment Time (TAT)

38 hours


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